St. Gabriel Faith Formation

We are called to serve our community by supporting life-long faith formation and an ongoing relationship with Jesus Christ.

Eucharist / Reconciliation

Register for your First Communion Conference today.

CLICK HERE to sign up for your First Eucharist Family Conference today!   Conferences are for the communicant and parents(s) or guardians and generally last 15 minutes.  They take place from February 1st through March 6th.  An email response will be sent to you acknowledging that we received your date and time and a reminder email will be sent to you three days prior to your conference. Contact Karen Jubeck at 352-8282 or email her at  for questions or concerns.  All conferences are held in the parish offices.  Kindly remember to bring your child’s Faith Journal.





First Communion Retreat Day - March 29, 2014



Call to Sacrament Preparation & Formation

Preparation for First Reconciliation and First Eucharist traditionally takes place in Grade Two 

Preparation for these sacraments begins with the child's baptism and continues as the child experiences faith as it is expressed and practiced in the family and home environment.

The process of immediate preparation includes:

  • Catechesis for the child through one of the faith formation options offered in the parish.

  • Participation in the orientation sessions, liturgy of acceptance and blessing, retreats, conference with staff member, and formal practice prior to the celebration of the sacraments.



For More Information Contact:

Maureen Dowd at

St. Gabriel Parish Office - 440-352-8282