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Mission Statement: We are called to direct our efforts to supporting, coordinating and implementing ways to reach out and care for the spiritual, physical and emotional needs of parishioners and the community at large throughout all phases of life.

St. Gabriel Outreach & Care

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Pastoral Care of the Sick or Homebound

Our parish community strives to offer the best pastoral care to each and every one of our members including those who may be sick or suffering in any way, hospitalized, in a nursing home, or homebound for any period of time.  The following ministries are coordinated by Fr. Chris Zerucha as a part of our parish's Pastoral Care of the Sick program.

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion to the Homebound

If at any time, you or a member of your family are homebound, whether because of age, illness, or surgery, and are unable to come to Church, we have a dedicated team of Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion who will bring Communion to you. To arrange for an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion to visit, call the Parish Office and ask for Pastoral Associate Maureen Dowd.

Home Visitation Ministry

A listening ear, a friendly voice, a new friend: all of these are so very comforting if you, a loved one, or someone you know who is homebound, living alone, or in an assisted living or nursing home care. St. Gabriel's Home Visitation ministers visit on a regular basis, bringing caring hearts and friendship.  Do you know someone who might appreciate an occasional visit? If so, please contact Tom Cahill through the Parish Office and let us know!

Hospice Ministry

Hospice of the Western Reserve provides education and training with the goal of creating a comforting and caring resource for those in need. This valuable ministry is made up of caring volunteers from various parishes in our district and is focused on caring for those in our community. For more information about becoming involved in this ministry yourself or arranging a visitor for someone who is in hospice care, please contact Deacon Dan Clavin through the Parish Office.

Hospital Visitation Ministry

The Hospital Visitation Ministry provides emotional support for hospitalized parishioners and their families. The ministry exists to ensure that hospitalized people are offered the presence of a lay volunteer before and/or after surgery.  The ministry also ensures that those who are hospitalized for extended periods receive regular follow-up visits and calls.  For more information, please contact Carol Gundelach, 216-210-5764 or contact the parish office.

Intercession and Praise Ministry

To help our sick, handicapped, or homebound parishioners who cannot attend Mass regularly remain connected to the larger parish community, we invite you to become a part of our praise and intercession network. The Ministry of Intercession and Praise asks only that members include the intentions of our parish in their daily prayers. If you or someone you know would like to become a member of this important prayer team, please call the Parish Office.

Wellness Committee and Parish Nurse Ministries

The Wellness Committee is a caring team that provides a holistic approach to promoting the health and wellness of our parish. We believe good health involves body, mind and spirit  In partnership with the parish nurse, we offer monthly blood pressure screening and counseling, educational programs on various health topics, staffing for the festival first aid booth and are a resource on health and wellness topics for parishioners.
The Parish Nurse is a unique role made possible through a partnership with Breckenridge Senior Independence. 

Parish Nurse Pam Lewis works within the parish to meet people‚Äôs needs that may not be identified or met through other means. Incorporating the body, mind and spiritual aspects of health, she promotes wellness through prevention, education and screening. She is available to make visits, provide individual health counseling and act as a local community resource liaison. The parish nurse does not provide "hands on" care.  Parishioners in need of assistance can contact Pam Lewis at the Parish Office.

For More Information Contact: St. Gabriel Parish Office - 440-352-8282