St. Gabriel Outreach & Care

Mission Statement: We are called to direct our efforts to supporting, coordinating and implementing ways to reach out and care for the spiritual, physical and emotional needs of parishioners and the community at large throughout all phases of life.

Ministry of Intercession & Praise

"More things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of."

With this true saying in mind, St. Gabriel's Ministry of Intercession and Praise is a spiritual ministry in which we offer prayers, joys and sufferings to God for the intentions of our Parish and the Church as a whole.

Who May Join This Ministry?

Parishioners who cannot attend Mass regularly are invited to join. We invite our sick, handicapped and homebound citizens to join in a chorus of praise and bring God's blessing to our fellow parishioners, as well as to the Church as a whole. If you know anyone who is homebound, we ask that you make them aware of this vibrant ministry. The parishioners of St. Gabriel thank you.

What Do I Have To Do?

You are simply asked to promise to include in your daily prayers the intentions of St. Gabriel Parish.

What Are The Benefits?

It will provide a spiritual powerhouse that will bring God's blessing on our priests, staff, parents, youth. older adults, those grieving or ill, inactive Catholics and anyone in need of spiritual strength and direction. It will also help those who cannot attend Mass to join the chorus of praise. Because many others will join you, you will form a great body of holy people offering prayers before the Lord. As a special minister of the Church, God will bless you and your loved ones as well as the members of St. Gabriel Parish, the Church and the world.

Do I Have To Say Special Prayers?

No. You can continue your same spiritual exercises. We will keep in contact with you and send you prayers according to the spirit of the seasons of the Church year. You may say these if you wish.

How Will I Know What I Should Pray For?

Throughout the Church year, you will receive letters of information from the parish. This letter will suggest prayer passages; keep you informed of the current intentions within our parish and seasonal or special intentions.

Are There Meetings And Do I Have To Pay Dues?

No. This is a spiritual ministry done on your own and St. Gabriel is privileged to have your prayers. In fact, St. Gabriel is so honored to have you as a Minister of Intercession and Praise that you will receive a certificate in recognition of your membership along with a cross, prayer book and candle.

How Do I Join?

Just call the Parish Office at and leave your name, address and phone number. A member of this ministry will contact you.




For More Information Contact:

Tom Cahill, Intercession & Praise Ministry Coordinator

St. Gabriel Parish Office - 440-352-8282