St. Gabriel Outreach & Care

Mission Statement: We are called to direct our efforts to supporting, coordinating and implementing ways to reach out and care for the spiritual, physical and emotional needs of parishioners and the community at large throughout all phases of life.

Eucharistic Ministerseucharistic-minister-communion-wine

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

eucharistic-minister-holy-communio You are to be entrusted with administering the Eucharist, with taking communion to the sick and with giving it as viaticum to the dying. –Book of Blessings, 717

 Are you resolved to undertake the office of giving the body and blood of the Lord to your brothers and sisters, and so serve to build up the Church?

For Our Homebound Parishioners

Homebound parishioners who would like to receive Eucharist, please contact
Maureen Dowd, or call the parish office.



For More Information Contact:

Maureen Dowd at

St. Gabriel Parish Office - 440-352-8282