St. Gabriel Worship and Prayer

We are called to foster, plan and celebrate prayerful, relevant and welcoming liturgical experiences by engaging the entire community in "full, conscious, and active participation" so that we may go forth to love and serve the Lord.

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Church Decor Ministry

The tradtition of decorating the church for liturgical seasons and feasts heightens the awareness of the festive, solemn, or penitential nature of these seasons. Human minds and hearts are stimulated by the sounds, sights and fragrances of the liturgical season, which combine to create powerful, lasting impressions of the rich and abundant graces unique to each of the seasons. – (Built of Living Stones, 123)

Members of this ministry are "catechists" to the entire parish community. They set the environment so people will enter into the worship experience. Without saying a word, they try to convey to everyone who walk into the Church from the Gathering Area, to the baptismal font, through the body of the Church and to the sanctuary, what the liturgical season is and all that it brings to mind when coming to worship.

By setting the environment, they alert the assembly molding and shaping their senses to take in the colors and smells and to be totally immersed into the celebration of liturgy.



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